Wooden Crate Coffee Table Ideas

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Wooden crate coffee table – The kind of wooden crate coffee table you make depends on your skill as a woodworker, the tools you have, the kind of wood you have – or can get – and personal preferences. If you are skilled and have the tools, you can make a nice table with rounded legs and a wooden parquet top. Or you can find a suitable tree stump and top it with a giant plate cut from a large tree trunk. (You can sometimes buy them at a garden store.)

Design a table to fit your decorating scheme, budget and woodworking skills.  Some people make wooden crate coffee table; some buy exotic hardwoods from specialty retailers. Anything can work with imagination and skill.

After that to make wooden crate coffee table, build a base. This can be as simple as a four-legged, square or round, which will attach directly to the top. Or you can build a frame – four legs joined on all sides by horizontal braces – with elements fashioned on a wood lathe, cut into special shapes with a band saw or similar tool or squared with a table saw. Design your base, so the screws or other carpenters that holds it together is hidden. This can be done by miter a rectangular box, and then attach the legs and braces to it with screws from the inside. Or you can use mortise and tenon or similar installation techniques.

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