Wood Lattice Panels Gate

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Wood lattice panels – Pre-Made wooden lattice panels add visual appeal to a garden gate. If possible, buy wooden lattice made of 1 x 2 inch lumber instead lath to give the port the stability it needs. Measure the width of the gate opening. Subtract 1 inch of width of the gate. Measure how high you want to make the gate. Leave room on the ground level, so the door does not drag on the ground.

Cutting four pieces of 1-by-4-inch lumber width of the gate, by means of a circular saw. Cut four pieces of the same height of the timber port. Mark dimensions of the gate on a piece of wood lattice panels. Remove all staples that fall under the highlighted line. Cutting grid panel, use a circular saw. The lay out of the gate with four pieces of wood frame can cut in step 2. Rectangular pieces, using a carpenter’s square.

Set the wood lattice panels on top of the frame you put in the previous step. Keeping the square corners. Put the remaining four pieces of carved wood on top of the panel grid to create another frame. Square corners. Clamp all the pieces together with several timber terminals. Drill several pilot holes through the top frame through the grid and in the bottom frame. Secure the gate components with galvanized screws. Remove the wood clamps.

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