Western Rustic Bathroom Vanity

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Western rustic bathroom vanity remains a persistent trend because of its range of bright colors and incorporating hand-made and handcrafted. You can dedicate a weekend project of painting a decorative wall or changing textiles or invest more time and money on a makeover of a bathroom. Furniture bathroom often only contain the basic elements of a sink, a closet, a dresser, a bathroom and a medicine cabinet or mirror, but inside those little pieces lays a lot of stylistic choices. Go for the rustic and aged or weathered wood on the cabinet or add a corner display rack in pine wood.

Change out the bright fittings by thick pieces of rusty metal, iron or offset handles and simple supports and wrapped in twine or burlap knobs. Customize western rustic bathroom vanity pieces that combine form and function. A bar towel in black metal may have stars like hangers. A single or ring on the back of the bathroom door hook can be framed by a rusty metal horseshoe. A plane mirror achieves a rustic feel, with the addition of a wooden frame with knots unpainted or decorated with panels of hammered. The Gingham yellow plaid controls or may adorn thin cotton curtains cafe style set to half the window to let the sun spill.

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