Way to Buy Hookless Shower Curtain

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Hookless shower curtain will be the interesting part in your bathroom for its more artistic look giving simple decor to your bathroom area with perfect impression anyway. Measure the full length of his rod shower curtain. Do not measure the length of one curtain from the shower, because normally even when in the “closed” position your shower curtain still plenty slightly on each side. The length of the bar is the minimum length that your shower curtain can be to adequately cover your shower.

Measure the circumference of the rod shower curtain. This is the area that defines the thickness of the rod, measured in inches. When buying a new Hookless shower curtain, you must ensure that the parts of the shower curtain rod that traverses are large enough to accommodate the circumference of the rod itself.

Measure the distance from the curtain rod shower at the bottom of the bath shower / floor. This will be the minimum height at which new hookless shower curtain needs to be extended to prevent exactly the water out of your shower and get on your bathroom floor. In many showers away from the curtain rod above the ground is adjustable, which affect the height of the Hookless shower curtain. In this case, an acceptable height rod is around five feet from the center of the shower, not the floor of your bathroom.

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