Wall Mounted Bike Rack: New Innovation for Bikers

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People who loved sport are increased day by day. One of the most favorite ones is biking. This kind of sport is appealing and easy since it is not need heavy work, but could burn a lot of fat. Nevertheless, people face another problem after buying bicycle. People in this era tend to have small house, so that they do not have enough garage to put their bike. An innovation has created to solve that problem. Wall Mounted Bike Rack is set of bike parking in new way.

Commonly people park their bike in the garden or in the parking area by placing the bike in the bike drafted pinchers. Place a front wheel of your bike to a pincher and lock it by bike lock and that will save your bike from the naughty thief. Even though there are some cases in many countries that thief still able to steal the bike even with this way. The thief took the bike and then only the front wheel left in hanging in the pinchers at bike parking area. In conclusion, Wall Mounted Bike Rack is invented to give a new way of bike parking.

Wall Mounted Bike Rack it in the house will make it more save and save space.

This rack can be installed vertically on the wall and then you can hang your bike and lock it. It will be heavy and annoyingly difficult for thief to steal it from your house. Although many people thought there is a bit negative effect of this installation. You must hang your heavy bike vertically to fit with this rack. If you have more than one bike, you can place it orderly side by side, but you need extra power to do it. Some of people also find it dangerous since it can damage yourselves if you are not careful. In conclusion, installing this rack will help you save both your bike and space, but you also need to watch your safety when hanging it.

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