Various Designs of Pull Chain Ceiling Light

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Besides for illumination used, Pull Chain Ceiling Light also often used as ceiling decoration in the house. Selecting the perfect design to match with your house and it will give the good-looking atmosphere in the house. If you wonder how it will fit with the decorations on your house, here we will give you some reviews about the ceiling light design.

First design of Pull Chain Ceiling Light is a clear glass bulb.

If you think it is too ordinary and does not fit with the pulling chain, you could choose the big one, or as the shape of magic fortune teller’s ball. This kind of shape will gives effect such as making light shine further. It will make a room brighter than the ordinary ones. But if you think this shape is too ordinary, you can choose the one which look like a glass. Commonly this shape used white frosted glass, which will give the effect of a bit darker illumination. For the shape, it is quite modern-look, while for the a bit darker illumination, it better to use it in the bedroom, not in the reading room.

There are also some designs similar to ordinary ceiling light with two or three glass lamp.

This look is the modern and also vintage. If you loved the shape of antique ones, furniture stores have provided many vintage designs. Some of it adapted from Arabian and Egyptian shapes. Although this kind of shape often cost more than the ordinary ones.
Aside from the design, Pull Chain Ceiling Light also needs extra care. Its intricate design is difficult to handle and need careful handling. When you pull it to switch on the lamp, be sure that you not pull it too hard, otherwise it chain will easily cut-off. Do not use ceiling broom to clean it, but use soft feather duster and swipe it lightly.

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