To Painting Fake Wood Paneling

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Painting fake wood paneling – Firstly, cover walls around the fake wood paneling with painter’s tape. Put a drop cloth on the floor under the surface you want to paint. Wipe down the panels with a damp cloth. Second, filling unwanted holes with putty and let dry. Sand panels just enough to create a rough surface that will live painting. Clean dust from sanding with a tack cloth or damp cloth.

Using a brush, paint primer along the edges and into the cracks in the panels.

The primer you use should be compatible with the type of paint you choose to paint fake wood paneling. Pour some primer into a paint tray and use a paint roller to prime the flat surface panels. Let dry thoroughly before painting. Fourth, use a brush to brush paint along the edges and cracks in the panels. You can choose an oil-based or latex-based paint, depending on your preference.

Pour some paint into a paint tray and roll down on the flat surfaces of the panels with a paint roller. Let dry. Add an extra layer to ensure complete coverage of the wood paneling. Last, clean brushes and paint trays and dispose of paint roller covers. Remove drop cloths. Remove painters tape only after paint has dried for several hours to prevent peeling. And now, times to enjoy your painting fake wood paneling.

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