To Hang Barn Door Hinges

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The side of the barn door hinges has a cylindrical hole through it that slides over the pivot or pin is installed on the side of said assembly barn. This design makes hanging the door hinge Barn is a less daunting task. Instructions: It measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) from the threshold along the hinge side of the door frame barn and down 12 inches from the top of the door frame with a tape measure. Mark each measure under the door with a pencil.

Screw the end of a lag screw pivots under the door on each pencil mark turning clockwise until they squarely on the side of the barn door hinges of frame. Hold the barn door in the opening frame it. Mark the location of the pins on the hinge side of the door with a pencil.

Place the barn door hinges on a surface working with the outer side up. Align the hinge strip each pencil mark on the hinge side of the door. Place the included mounting screws through the mounting holes in the strip of the hinges on the door with an electric screwdriver. Alinea strip hinge pivot under the barn door. Place the hinges on pivots so that the door rests on the whole.

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