Tips when Installing Faux Wood Paneling

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Faux wood paneling – Whether you’re looking to add rustic charm or ski lodge chic to your home, wooden walls are the way to go. Quintessentially American, wooden walls make a home feel instantly warmer and more inviting. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford a home with wood walls but we can mimic the look and feel of real timber walls by installing faux wood paneling as do-it-yourself project. Here, I just tell you what tips and warning when do this project.

Molded from real wood lumber,

these wall panels recreate the rustic charm of wooden walls, but is vastly more affordable and easy to install on almost any wall surface. Each faux wood paneling is molded from the same pattern. To avoid obvious repetition of the pattern, offset each row with a half panel length than the row below it. Do this by cutting the first panel of the line in half before you plug it into the wall. Use caulking to hide the fixing screws, and cover any gaps in your installation.

Make sure that your project meets local, state and federal building codes and regulations before you begin. If you use faux wood paneling near a fireplace, stove or other source of fire, make sure you choose fire rated panels.

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