The Hammered Metal Coffee Table

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Hammered metal coffee table – The coffee table appeared in the late Victorian era, when it held the coffee service while guests chatted. Today’s coffee table is a catch-all for everything from game controllers to ashtrays, and often serves as a footrest. Make it robust enough and a coffee table can even serve as extra seating for guests. Metal coffee tables, all metal or glass -topped, look best in a modern or contemporary room.

Measure the area where you want to place your hammered metal coffee table,

to ensure that the space is large enough for a 15 to 18-inch aisle around it. Adjust the size of your coffee table to fit the area. For example, if the available area is 72 inches by 60 inches, will accommodate a 42-inch to 36 -tommer- long, 30-inch to 24-inch wide coffee table. Stack two pieces of 3/16-inch-thick steel plate, cut to your chosen dimensions on top of each other with all edges flush. Use a soap stone marker to outline a kind of table of plate steel.

Don your welding helmet, gloves and full leather. Open all shop doors and windows and turn on any exhaust fans. Use a plasma cutter to follow soapstone lines to make your top and bottom for hammered metal coffee table. Remove your gloves and helmet and Don wrap-around eye protection and ear protection. Smooth away any burrs along the edges of each piece of steel plate using a 24 grit grinding wheel on an angle grinder, followed by a 80 – grit wheels and a flap wheel, in that order.

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