Taking Advantage of DIY Standing Desk

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DIY standing desk, back pain, muscle degeneration, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and even premature death are some of the risks faced by migrant workers, as a number of studies recently published “Our society shelter, sitting most of the time in the office and when we got home, sitting on the couch to watch television. The combination can be fatal “.

Because doctors say they spend all day sitting bad, lately has been much interest in DIY standing desk desktop to work, but they are not easy to use and difficult to motivate people to leave their seats. The company founded by former Apple engineer claims to have found the answer: a table that prompts the user to stand, lift slightly and let it fall off the surface about two point five centimeters (one inch). If the user accepts the suggestion, the table is raised to a suitable height for the user to stand up.

Desktop controlled from the color touch screen. It seems as if someone already on the surface. To switch between standing and sitting positions, you have to play twice. It can also be programmed so that one stationary, for example, thirty-five percent of the time. A heat sensor hidden desktop help determine whether there are people who use the DIY standing desk.

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