Staining Wood Fence Ideas

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Staining Wood Fence – Coloring a wood fence is a luxury process, but it can be difficult to find the right shade of color in the hardware store, especially if you try to match the stain to something that was previously stained. In these cases, it’s good to create your own spot at home. You can choose the exact color or mix multiple colors to create a spot that suits your project.

Wooden fence is aesthetically pleasing when Staining Wood Fence but over time, the wood weather, stains may fade and color can come off. Before painting, you must sand away loose paint. If you re-staining the wood, you can sand fence to smooth wood grain. It is a time consuming task, but you can speed it up by using a power sander.


Measure 4 cups of white vinegar in a bowl. Add 7/8 cup (7 oz.) Boiled linseed oil to white vinegar. Put gloves on to protect your hands. Add 1/2 cup (4 oz.) Of flaxseed oil-based artist color in the shade you want to color the wood to the mixture in the bucket. Mix the mixture with the club until it is evenly mixed. Apply wood to wood as you wish. If you mix several colors of artist color to achieve the color you want for your bet, it is a good idea to mix them in advance before mixing your Staining Wood Fence.

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