Space Saver High Chair: What Is It?

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If you have a baby at home and yet there is a limited space in your apartment or your house, you can seriously consider a space saver high chair to provide a comfortable seating support for the baby. Of course this space saver construction is different from the regular baby chair. And we are going to talk about the difference.

The Unique Concept and Construction

This space saver high chair has another name, the booster chair, which allows you to create a form of high chair from any regular chair you have. You only have to place the booster chair on the top area of the regular chair and voila! You have your own baby chair, ready to be used. When compared to the regular baby chair or high chair, the booster chair is pretty small and compact – which is why it is perfect for the small house and limited space. When it is not in use, it can be easily removed and saved. If you want to sit your baby, you only need to set it up and it is good to go.

 The General Flaw

However, this type of space saver high chair has its own flaw. Because the booster is used on top of the regular chair, it is prone to mess and dirt – especially from the baby’s foods and spills. If you are going to use the booster, make sure that the regular chair is easily cleaned and wiped down. It would be better if the chair doesn’t have any cushion at all to make the cleaning process easier.  But in an overall sense, this chair is super handy when you have limited space and you want something that is easily removed and stored. On the other hand, if you don’t like setting it up or cleaning up the mess afterward, this chair is probably not the best option for you.

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