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Wood Fence Gate Hardware – The frame of a door plays an important role in correctly distributing the weight of the door. In order to install a wooden door, you must first have a frame installed for your fence. Check that your wooden door corset runs diagonally from the bottom. The hinge to the top side of the lock as this provides support to the door and keeps it square. Hinges and fasteners come in a variety of styles.

Measure and mark the position of the door hinges using a tape measure and a pencil. Drill pilot holes on the marks you make in using a drill and drill bit. Install the wood fence gate hardware latch and catch the gate on the opposite side of the gate post. According to the manufacturer’s directions. Install the hardware latch and catch on the door on the opposite side of the door post, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add a stop on the latch-side post if your hardware latch does not include a catch.

Add a stop at the side coupling post if the closing wood fence gate hardware does not include a retainer. Hold a 1 by 2 board in place and insert the door into position on the fence. Make sure the door is level with lead using a carpenter’s level. Mark the post-side of the hinge to indicate the locations of the hinge screws, while the door is in position on the fence with a stylus.

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