Solving Regency Ceiling Fans

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Regency ceiling fans offer good atmosphere no matter its weather condition in the room both hot and cold weather to adjust it with the feeling you require. With Regency network of authorized distributors, as well as its website, customers have different ways to get questions answered or get help. In general, problems with regency ceiling fans are minor and can be fixed by resolution of problems systematically and fan installation.

  1. Turn the regency ceiling fans and watch it very closely for any movement, wobble or vibration. Turn the fan if the movement is noticed
  2. Remove the fan blades, turn the fan back and check closely the movement. Check mounting, if it still moves. If you find the installation is safe, is the engine that is malfunctioning.
  3. Check the fan for the cause of the noise. Listen to the type of noise and odors you can smell.
  4. See if the fan is mounted directly to a ceiling joist if you hear a buzz.
  5. Remove the housing cover to inspect the mesh covering the upper and lower grilles if you hear any clicking noise.
  6. Measure the distance from the ceiling fan blades, if there is no movement of air from the fan, while the engine is running and the blades are spinning.
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