Setting Vinyl Fence Accessories

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Vinyl fence accessories are a common alternative to wooden fencing. Vinyl fencing is often cheaper, lighter weight and requires less maintenance than wood fence, which may need to be stained or painted regularly. Moreover, it is less likely to warp than wood Vinyl fence accessories. When drawing a vinyl fence, spokes should be evenly spaced and each spoke should be equal in width with the other spokes. There should be some variations in the shape or appearance of the fence.

Instructions To Setting Vinyl Fence Accessories

Draw a few horizontal lines :

About half a centimeter apart, As long as you want the fence will be displayed. Draw a second pair of horizontal lines is 5 cm below the first pair of horizontal lines. The second pair of horizontal lines should be the same as the first. These lines represent the horizontal rails in Vinyl fence accessories.

At the left end vinyl fence, draw a vertical rectangle, 9 cm long and 1 cm wide, centered over the end of the horizontal rails are pulled in step 1. This is the last pole of vinyl fence, Draw a similar vertical rectangle at the right end of the fence as well. Draw a circle 1 cm in diameter at the top of each post. Create a series of vertical rectangles, 9 cm high, 0.5 cm wide, spaced 1 cm apart, between the two services. These are the spokes of the fence. Delete rows of rectangles in the areas where they intersect the horizontal rails you drew.

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