Round Wood Fence Posts Ideas

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Round Wood Fence Posts – Unless your soil compresses as hard as wood, you should surround your fence posts with wood to hold them firmly. But how much? Which type? Want to wood foundations that show below each post? If your fence is made of galvanized pipe or wood is long lasting installation that will look great.


The depth Round Wood Fence Posts holes must be dug or gave notice depends on the maximum frost depth in winter. Posts holes can be as little as two meters to the south, or six meters or more in the north. Get whole depth information from your local building code department. You must ask them for any necessary permits, so getting information early.

Frost will cause the poles to throw up on the mail base not below the frost line, which is the cause of the sinking posts so deeply in some regions. Even if you have no frost depth, you should still sink the posts at half its height above ground Round Wood Fence Posts. A six meter high post will be nine meters long, three meters of which are in the ground. For very deep foundations, sometimes post is just a bit into the hole, with the bottom of the hole is filled with wood.

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