Rolled Wood Fencing Designs with Bamboo Poles

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Rolled Wood Fencing – Usually consist of bamboo poles that are about 3/4 inches in diameter. Coiled Wood Fencing can make a big privacy fence in your backyard. This rolled fence woven with copper clad steel wire in the machine. And usually come in 8-foot rolls, although it can be made long as you want.

Generally, the type rolled wood fencing comes in a 6 foot high fence. But can be shorter or even higher up to 7 feet tall. There are no rails or posts involved. No decoration is good unless you decide you want to add them later. Type the fence is usually mounted on wooden strips or rails attached to the rock. Usually, if the range between posting more than 8 feet. It is best to use a rail 2 by 6 at the top and bottom which helps avoid sagging fence.

Rolled wood fencing this makes a great way to provide privacy for your yard or hide the chain link fence that you do not want to get rid of. Fence attached to the support structure with staples. Staples catch the wire and not are seen since they disappeared between bamboo poles. Long 8 foot fence weighs about 70 lbs. or more. Because it can be attached to the support structure itself or a regular chain link fence, a very versatile product. Installing wood fence rolled is work that can be do it yourself type of work, or you can hire someone from a home improvement store to come to install it for you.

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