Raw Edge Coffee Table and End Tables

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Raw edge coffee table – Anytime is a good time to redecorate your bedroom. Do not wait for a special reason-especially do not wait for a special reason if you feel a little weak. Now is the best time. Do you like the idea of a “cave” to snuggle in and hibernate? Then warm colors (brown, through beiges, earth greens, earthy blues, rust, and gold) will serve your purpose.

The bed is a master,

And wherever suits are the best (and do not think about the diagonal with shelves above or on either side for dramatic effect), with everything else fits around it. If you have a queen-sized bed and the room is quite large, comfortable padded seats at the end with raw edge coffee table makes a handsome ensemble. You can also use the closet to add an interesting character to the room. Buy a cheap and shabby-chiq it. A crown above the bed, for women, is also a way to feel special when you slip into bed.

For the men,

a series of U-shaped crown molding on the walls, or one low cornice with lights in them, to go to bed is a cheap way to go if you do not have a tremendous head. Unless you love fussy, try to keep them simple. Egyptian cotton sheets are inexpensive, sold on eBay, make excellent drapes / curtains. They also come in colors. Instead accent walls, curtains become the accent. Just open end of the hem, fold the raw edges inside the pocket. Raw edge coffee table is one of the best choices to decorate your home.

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