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Quatrefoil coffee table is also sometimes known as a cocktail table. But where did this name come from? I mean why not the tea table or table wine. Is it because it is the most popular beverage in America and you just add it to the “table” and it stuck ever since? Or is there more to it? Well let’s first look at why coffee became the beverage of choice America.

Quatrefoil coffee table simply put, is a common table with its legs cut off to make it lower to the ground

Japan already has these tables brief out of time. But as Japan is sitting on the floor with legs crossed, a coffee table that should be used with sofa. It is not too clear on the exact time that the modern term “coffee table” came to use, but some put it at around the end of the 18th century to the early 19th. Whatever the case, if it is the decision of the UK, or even China, we will call it “the tea table” today.

And really in the land they often use the term.

But as the facts stand, the cup is most often landed in America filled with coffee table, and the name has stuck. So here we have it, quatrefoil coffee table modern, is now more popular than ever. And it’s true it does not really matter where he got his name, I mean some people will not even let you put the coffee in a supposedly “coffee” their table.

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