Purple Chair and Ottoman Design

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Purple chair and ottoman – To design a drawing for an Adirondack chair and ottoman, you need a good eye for detail and imagination to perceive a functional object from another design perspective. You do not have to be a great designer, but you do the drawing skill to be able to conceptualize your idea on paper.

Find pictures of different versions of Adirondack chairs and stools for use as research for your own design.

Create a small abstract design. Create examine specific parts of your furniture before drawing your complete design. Draw a front and rear perspective backrest. Do the same with the other aspects: the seat, the armrest and the separate stool. Add specific design details such as how the slats are located and any decorative detail, you may wish to incorporate into your design. Be inventive. Use your abstract mood square to find an inspiring pattern for you to use in your design. Think beyond what is expected. Create your own version of an Adirondack  purple chair and ottoman.

Draw your entire chair and stool designs using your individual studies.

Draw your chair and ottoman from different perspectives, from the front, back, side and by a three-quarter angle.  Use color for your furniture design using a medium of their choice.  Create a complete design of your Adirondack purple chair and ottoman in a garden.

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