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Portable chain link fence are popular because it is so versatile. It can be use for industrial security fences. Include tennis and basketball courts, to make baseball Stop arches, enclosing a garden or building a dog pen or run. Some options provide wind or sun screens. Variations are decorative or ornamental plants. What is common for all the chain link fence is that it is robust, durable and easy to install? It comes in large rolls in widths from 4 to 10 feet.

Changing the standard portable chain link fence with privacy or decorative moldings. Aluminum, plastic or fabric slats can be wove into the links. Vertically or diagonally, to add privacy and color. Then run healed all the same direction. And also the same color or alternate color and direction of the weave to make a pattern. Other options are a form of insurance wove into links or bamboo or reed curtains woven into or attach to the links.

Consider portable chain link fence with a vinyl coating of various colors. This is an additional protection against weathering and corrosion but also is more decorative than bare, silvery thread. Another option is powder-coat wire, similar to paint but sealed in the metal. Both options will be more expensive. Standard chain links are 2 inches square, but there are some larger and smaller options. Check building materials and fencing stores and catalogs for specialty sizes and designs.

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