Pool Fence Aluminum Instructions

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Pool Fence Aluminum – Install a pool fence provides more privacy and keeps other children or animals from getting into your pool. Several types of pool fences are available, including aluminum and wood fence. Each installed essentially the same way. For the experienced handyman, this project takes a weekend to complete.


Measure the gate with a tape measure to determine how wide is the gate and how far apart the holes for the posts to be buried. Dig two holes 18 inches deep for the gate poles, by means of a post excavator. Mount the hinge posts into the holes and even posts straight to your level. Partially fill the hole with gravel and dirt. Mix concrete with water in a bucket and pour it into the holes around the post. Tamp the concrete with a packaging tool and let it solidify.

Attach a string line for each gate post and the line running around the perimeter of the pool, the betting line at each corner. This establishes the rest of the installation Pool Fence Aluminum. Installing an Aluminum stake at each post hole next to the string line. Measure the fence sections to determine the location of the post holes. Each post hole will form a fence’s length apart along the string line.

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Dig the first post whole digger to the post at a depth of 18 inches. Install a fence post in each and regular posts. When the concrete is dry, the hardware attached fences to the fence posts, using a drill and crowbar, and install fence sections between each fence post. Continue to dig post holes, installing fence posts and attach the fence sections to complete your Pool Fence Aluminum.

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