Painting Vinyl Pool Fence

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Vinyl Pool Fence is useful both as a yard decoration and a safety. It also gives you more privacy than you would otherwise enjoy in your home. Vinyl Pool Fence, but often cost-effective, perhaps not as appealing as wood or as safe as chain link. While there’s not much you can do to improve the sustainability and safety of a Vinyl Pool Fence, paint it improves its appearance and give you more options when decorating your pool.


Wash the fence by mixing several drops of detergent in a bucket of warm water and apply the solution to the fence with a sponge. This removes dirt and grease that interferes with the painting process. Rinse fence with a garden hose to remove any remaining traces of soap. Either dries the fence with a towel and let it air dry before proceeding.

Rub fine sandpaper over the fence to roughen the surface slightly. This helps the paint to bond plastics. Wipe the Vinyl Pool Fence when you are ready to remove any loose sand. Use painter’s tape to all areas of the fence itself that you do not want painted.

Apply two layers of primer to plastic fence using a paint sprayer, with the second coat is applied after the first has completely dried. This prevents the old fence paint from affecting the paint and also helps the new color bond to the plastic.  Clean the paint sprayer and fill it with the color you want to use on the fence. Apply three coats of paint for best results.

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