Outdoor Coffee Table with Umbrella Hole Ideas

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Outdoor coffee table with umbrella hole – Patio umbrellas require you to cut an exact size hole in the patio table umbrella to ensure stability. Mark the center of a round table. Place a pencil mark on the outer edge of the round table. Setting up a piece of plywood on top of the table. Take a corner of the plywood with a pencil mark. Hook the end of a tape measure on the plywood corner line with the pencil mark you placed on the table. Pull the tape along one side of the plywood and note the dimension of the aligned corner to the point plywood crosses the edge of the table. Move the corner of the plywood to the one of the two cutting marks. Repeat the process with equal lengths of the two sides of the plywood exits corner and labeling intersection points between the sides of the plywood and plywood.

Make outdoor coffee table with umbrella hole, drill hole umbrella. Attach a 1-1 / 2-inch hole saw in the chuck of a 1/2-inch drill motor. Align the drill for hole saw with intersecting marks designating the middle of the table. Drill through the tabletop. Secure the 1-1 / 2-inch spade bit in the chuck of the drill motor. Measure the length of the spacer is positioned between the lower legs of the table.

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After that to make outdoor coffee table with umbrella hole, depending on the design of the table, your table does not have a diffuse. Divide the spread measurement in half. Select divided distance on top of the spacer with a pen. Mark half the width of the spreader to mark the center of the diffuse. Drill a 1-1 / 2-inch hole through the spreader with spade bits. Ensure that the center of the spade bit in line with the center marks spreader. Slide the umbrella pole into the drilled holes.

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