New IKEA Kitchen Island

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IKEA Kitchen Island will be the perfect part you have in your own kitchen for best performance which add aesthetic in this area. It is a cabinet that has no chance of changing places.  Kitchen Island is not only a good solution to lack of storage space, but it can also add additional functionality to kitchen. What size should it be? How to arrange it? Here are some answers to your questions.

IKEA kitchen island models come in all sizes and in all forms.

From simple butcher Block Island with multifunctional, choice is great. Two principles should guide you before choosing a type of island: space you have and function you book it. One can; of course, just a simple work surface for food preparation and cooking for two, but it is interesting to associate certain features of it.

Dimensions space let’s talk. IKEA Kitchen Island must not impede flow while having an acceptable depth if we want it to be functional. Make sure to have a clearance of at least 36 inches around and calculate a depth of two feet for work plan. Work surface height is usually same as existing counters, but some islands may have different levels, such as those that combine cooking and lunch counter.

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