Measure The Lamp for Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

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Mirrored bathroom vanity should be taken into your consideration for better bathroom appearance and uses where you use it for reflecting yourself after washing or showering. The bathroom vanity would not be complete without a light on it. It is important to choose an appropriate lighting that not only help you see as you apply your makeup , you comb your hair or shaving, it also fits properly on the mirror. Instructions: Measure the width of the mirror and record the measurements. Measure the space between the mirror and ceiling. If it is not very wide, you should make sure you have room for the lamp. Most of these require you have at least 6 inches between the top of the mirror and ceiling so they can be properly installed.

Draw a line with a pencil about 2 inches above the mirror along its top. Another beam on the previous line that is parallel to it to indicate where lighting rig. Measure the lamp and be sure it is not too long for the mirrored bathroom vanity or too wide for the space between it and the ceiling.

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