Making Wood Floor Lamp

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What is striking and vivid ornaments, wooden parts and molds create a warm atmosphere in any bedroom. Artists also used to design lamps with wood cut to contemporary or more traditional styles decorations edge. With basic skills, you can create your own bases for wood floor lamp, using wood used or searching yourself, at a much lower price than it would cost a lamp already made, which can reach hundreds of dollars.


  1. Place the block of moderates in the right direction on a thick piece of plywood to protect your space work.
  2. Turn the wooden block on the area that will be the position rear lamp or, less showy area. Punch a hole in the wood floor lamp until the existing hole.
  3. Place the hand tool in the hole you just drilled. A hand tool resembles a long screwdriver with a handle on top.
  4. Since the lamp socket, pass the cable through the hole in the wood until it comes out the nozzle.
  5. Turn the bulb socket including the wood floor lamp. This has a base and a surface; the base is one with a hole along.
  6. Check the cable exiting the nozzle. It will have two wires attached. The positive lead is thinner, while the ground is little corrugated.
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