Making Cribbage Board Coffee Table with Wheels

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Cribbage board coffee table works well if you want a flexible living space. If you have space in front of the couch to exercise, play interactive video games or played a sleeper bed, you can simply roll the coffee table out of the way. Not only does this cribbage board coffee table, it also has built-in storage space for your favorite books. You can adjust the size of the table to suit your needs by using longer boards at the top and bottom.

Instructions Making Cribbage Board Coffee Table with Wheels

Lay a 48-inch-long board on a flat surface. Use the tape measure to find the center of the board and make a mark there cribbage board coffee table. Repeat with another 14-inch board, pressing it against the opposite edge of the 48-inch board. You should have a flat board with a 14-inch discs protruding from both ends.

Press the adhesive side on the mark you drew in the middle of 48-inch-long board, creating a divider in the middle of the table. Press to fasten, let the glue dry for several hours. At this point, you should have a rectangular box with two open areas in the middle.

Place a nail in each corner of the box and two nails in the center of the board, on the upper side. Paint the wood and let dry for several hours, then apply another coat of paint. Turn the cribbage board coffee table so the bottom is facing up. Position a wheel in each corner of the table and drill holes as necessary. Screw wheels in place. Turn table right side up, and you’re done.

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If you want to know how to make a more complete Cribbage Board you can see a video that I found. Youtube collection on channel Wm. Walker Co. Hopefully this can help.

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