Making a Shoe Rack for Closet

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The shoes need a place where they are well organized, preserved from dust and without crowding. Thus, besides choosing they comfortably, avoid them folds and wrinkles, prolonging its life. Keep them in a mixed closet along with shirts and jerseys are inadequate, because the clothes just catching scent. It’s much better reserve a unique place. We are going to tell you how to make a shoe rack for closet.

Step by step making a shoe rack for closet

Our work starts ticking on the wall approximate heights of each level, according to the outdoor bar. Putting a shoe ‘at rest’ at a distance that allows closing the door, do the brand. Drilled, put the taco, then the screws to the base, and present the bar. With a level above, mark the other wall. Given the depth of the cabinet (about 50 cm) the three bars of each plant will separate 15 cm, and each is 8 cm higher than the previous. With a look bevel angle from the first and the rest is easy.

After putting the first floor, easily execute the rest. The result a shoe rack for closet for economic shoes, and when three bars allows various positions, providing a great ‘capacity’.

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