Making a False Tiffany Floor Lamps

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The idea came to my mother, when I moved into my old house and needed to put lamps in every room. She has always liked the guy Tiffany floor lamps (made of colored glass) and wanted to buy one of that style for the kitchen … but seemed very expensive and could not find them in blue (the color that was hit because the counter top and furniture were of that color).

One day while looking at things in saw a bowl of plastic in blue, and it occurred that if you made ​​a hole in the ass, which would fit the bulb socket, could serve perfectly Tiffany floor lamps. Due to the success (because everyone loved the Tiffany floor lamps when they came to my house.  started doing other things, in other styles .Here’s a fruit bowl handkerchief had fallen way, you put in your kitchen, and that I published on the website of Deco garden with pictures of step by step to make them detailed: At my grandmother put a completely transparent in Tiffany floor lamps, which was very smart because it looked good glass … but no longer does so I have not been able to take pictures.

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