The Major Appeal of Carriage Style Garage Doors

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If you are overwhelmed with the decision of having to choose a particular style for the garage doors, remember that there are some great options that you can make – each of them has their own strength and flaws. Among the most popular types of garage doors, you can choose the sliding door, the swing up style, the roll up door, and the swing out models. But if you want to retain the classic, old-school feel without compromising function and fashion, you can always go with the carriage style garage doors.

Things to Like about It

As the name suggests, the carriage style garage doors are based on the old-school carriage house door with its classy and timeless appeal.  Most homeowners would choose this style if they are into the classic and old-world styling with the detailed work and sophistication. Of course, today’s carriage style construction has such a unique and pleasing feature. Some of the signature styles are great to make a statement, such as the rectangular windows located on the upper area of the door in even numbers and also the two metal handles that are located on the center so you can enjoy the easy access of opening and closing the door.

Steel vs Wood

You are free to choose whatever material pleases you. Whether it is steel or wood, be sure that both of them are highly durable and you can always enjoy the greatest perks. Super stylish The wooden doors can make a natural effect – it is beautiful and polished. And yet, the metal carriage style garage doors are also durable and long lasting – not to mention that it offers easier maintenance and care. If you want to insulate the garage, the steel door can be tweaked through the composite. So your garage won’t be too humid or drafty. So, are you ready for such a design ?

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