Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light Installing

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Low profile ceiling fan with light is a simple way to control and move the air through a room. Adding a lamp from a ceiling fan helps replace the resigned lamp when the fan is installed for the first time. The most important fan installation is safety and ensures that the electrical box can support the weight of the fan and lamp.

Instructions of low profile ceiling fan with light:

1. Turn off the power to the circuit existing lamp in the main power panel. Remove the existing lighting device by eliminating lamp mounting screws. This should provide access to the electrical box.

2. Remove the plastic screw caps that hold the cables of the appliance to the power cables and remove the lamp.

3. Check the stability of the electrical box. Most electrical boxes must be replaced because they are not designed to withstand the weight of the ceiling fan and lamp. Remove the screws holding the electrical box in place.

4. Install a ceiling fan nominal electrical box by setting the electrical box in place and securing it to the rafters on the instructions of the manufacturing. Push the cables of supply in the new box. Once the box is safe, fan installation can begin.

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