L Shaped Kitchen Layout: Managing the Right Design

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You probably want to consider the L shaped kitchen layout if you have small kitchen and yet you want to improve functionality and usage. This kind of layout is also great for corner space. If you have small space at home, you know how important it is to make use of every space available. The corners are often left unattended or used. But you can now take advantage of the corner area if you implement this L shape design.

The Major Benefits

Whether you have a small or medium kitchen, this kind of L shaped kitchen layout can give you a lot of perks. The layout alone is perfect for the working triangle as everything is set within your reach. The working triangle is important in the kitchen because it will make meal preparation easier, faster, and more efficient. Other benefits you can enjoy from this kind of layout are:

  • Such a design improves traffic. Since this layout is incorporating open space plan, you can enjoy the free and flexible traffic without boundaries
  • It provides different access of entrances. As it was mentioned before, the open space plan is super ideal to create a flexible and free entrance. There are different points of access that you can reach.
  • If you want to add a extra table or whatsoever, this kind of layout offers a flexible management. If you want to, you can have a kitchen island on the center which serves as partition as well as working platform
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Of course, there is also the disadvantage of such a design. First of all, this L shaped kitchen layout isn’t perfect for big kitchen because everything will be too spread out. Moreover, this isn’t a good layout if there are always two or even three people to cook and prepare the meal. That’s why it is a good idea to plan out everything carefully before coming up with a kitchen layout.

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