Keeping Cool Mesh Covered Patio Ideas in the Summer

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A courtyard covered patio ideas with mesh provide a quiet retreat, but the heat inside gives you some relief. While courtyards covered provide a haven for the scorching sun, the rays can leak during certain times of the day, what makes them uncomfortable. With some elements simple you can keep this cool and comfortable outdoor space during hot summer days.

Instructions of keep cool mesh covered patio ideas in the summer

  1. Install bamboo curtains or blinds to the porch to block the sun’s rays and keep the cooler space. When the sun goes leak, raise the blinds to enjoy the view outside.
  2. Install a ceiling fan in the center of your yard or place an oscillating fan at one end of the porch to allow air to circulate and cool the space in covered patio ideas.
  3. Place a small tabletop fountain in the courtyard. The refreshing sound of bubbling water helps promote cooler atmosphere.
  4. Place large potted plants around the perimeter of the courtyard. Large plants block sunlight while allowing cool breezes to filter through.
  5. Use yellow bulbs for low voltage outdoor lighting at night. These bulbs attract fewer insects than white lights and are far less voltage, give less heat.
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