Installing Pegasus Medicine Cabinet

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There are different medicine cabinet designs offered in the market and one of the unique option is having Pegasus medicine cabinet which looks so attractiveUse the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Brought go to your medicine cabinet Pegaso between the studs, unless you. A lot of extra work, plan how to do wall opening cutting the studs and braces When the housing Pegasus does not fit between the studs and not have the skills to reinforce the opening, instead of installing a closet. Mark the spot on the wall where you intend to install the Pegasus medicine cabinet between the studs. Use drywall saw, cut a small hole in the marked area. Look into the hole to ensure that it can no openings hydraulic lines or power lines the installation process of the case. If so, check the closet.

Cut a hole in the wall between the studs and within the marked lines when there are no obstacles. Did you make a hole not in the front wall as you cut. Enter the length of 2×4 wood medicine cabinet in the hole. Nail the bolts on both sides of the hole.

Put the Pegasus medicine cabinet in the hole. Leveling off. Make sure that the door room to run correctly. With the bores in the medicine cabinet, screw the screws into 2×4 pieces.

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