Installing Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram

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Ceiling fan wiring diagram should be taken into your consideration for better ceiling design with double benefit such like having good fan decor for good air flow at room.  Install or replace a ceiling fan is a relatively easy task for home improvement. Ceiling fans help conserve electricity in the summer by reducing your dependence air conditioning, and lighting kit attached can fill a room with bright light, especially when CFLs are used. In this case, the switch changes the string and continues to use the fan existing. Each cable serves a different purpose, and it is important to connect each cable properly to avoid dangers such as electric shock or fire.

Ceiling fan wiring diagram, the black cable inside the electrical box is known as the wire hot. This cable carries the electrical current to the ceiling fan (and sometimes, lights). The corresponding cable in the fan provides power to the ceiling fan motor, and is connected through a chain terminator to control the fan speed. If a fan uses a pull chain switch to operate the lights installed on it, this cable also provides power for the lights. The white wire in the electrical box is known as the “neutral” wire. This acts as a return cable, and is analogous to “negative” wire in a conventional DC circuit. The corresponding cable in a ceiling fan provides a return path for the electrical current flowing through the fan.

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