Installing Ceiling Fan Remote

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Installing ceiling fan remote will be the good option that offers comfort and convenience where you are in the room area to manually control the fan for its on and off. Hunter offer the convenience of controlling three-speed fan blades and installation of fully adjustable lighting at the touch of a finger. You can install it on the ceiling fan of any manufacturer while possessing a box where the recipient hides. The basic knowledge of electricity will be an additional when you make installation, but not required.

Ceiling fan remote turn off the circuit breaker is in the main electrical panel to power the ceiling fan. Remove the ceiling fan box by placing your fingers in small flaps that are above the indicator tabs. Push firmly with your fingers toward the tabs to make the box to flex and loosen showing screws. The box and its ring are above the fan against the ceiling.

Unscrew the three screws of the box, freeing the fan mounting bracket. The box cover wiring and electrical panel on the roof. Disconnect the fan cables house wiring by removing the connectors that hold the wires together. No bare copper wire disconnects the green wire that is attached to the mounting bracket. Place the ceiling fan remote on a flat surface with the cables towards you. Identify the five that are remote receiver. The leftmost red wire is for lighting equipment.

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