Installing Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket Light

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Ceiling fan mounting bracket looks very good and stunning with decorative bracket for safety as well. Turn off the electricity to the existing lamp in the circuit box. Set your ladder below the lamp. Shoot down the unit by removing the screws that hold the roof and disconnect the cables underneath. Remove the existing mounting bracket from the old light, loosening the screws holding it there.  Attach the mounting bracket to the new light to the electrical box. Secure the bracket with metal screws provided. Pull cable ends through the opening in the support so that they are still accessible.

Turn the wire around the green ground screw is in the holder. Tighten the ground. Place the new unit of light near the stand. Connect the black wire from light to black box cable by holding the wires side by side and turning a plastic cap on the two. Do the same with the white wires from the box and light ceiling fan mounting bracket.

Lift the light to stand, putting wires into the box as you do. Set the unit of light against the carrier. Align the screw holes between light and bracket. Use the ceiling fan mounting bracket screws provided to attach the light. Turn on the power.

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