Installing Aluminum Fence Posts

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Aluminum fence posts – Before the fencing project always check with your local building code office to see if there is a condition required to put up a fence. They also let you know about their setback rules. Call the utility companies come and land where no wires or pipes in your garden if you have any underground utilities. Find your copy of your survey so you can mark your boundaries. If you have an inquiry, you want one done as you do not infringe on someone else’s property with your fence.

Find your corner and end post sites. Drive stakes into the ground a little longer than your aluminum fence posts will be. Hang string between the stakes so that it does not touch the ground. Where the string crosses will be where you set your corner posts. End posts go up against your house or a nearby fence. You’ll install these posts only to determine where your line posts will be placed. Dig your post holes 6 inches across and two feet deep with a post hole digger. Go straight down; not incline outward at the top. Fill about 16 inches of the hole with concrete and enter your post. Check the plumb and level of the post. Now pack the rest of the hole with the dirt you dug out of the hole.

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String a line from your corner posts to another corner, end and gate posts. Measure 72 inches from the corner and dig a hole directly beneath the string of your line posts. Digging holes in the same way as you did the corner posts. Continue every 72 inches or shorter if you arrive at a new corner or end. Fill the holes with concrete, your post and fill with dirt. Let the cement dry for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the weather before you start installing aluminum fence posts.

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