Installation of Wood Picket Fence Panels

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Wood picket fence panels – Place and secure the fence posts. Determine the location of each item by measuring the length of the panels and marking the ground. Use stakes and string to make sure that each label is lined up straight. To prepare the ground, you can use a mechanical screw or a hand-held post hole digger. When the holes are dug, place the posts and level them from corner to corner. Pour quick dry cement into the hole and pack tightly.

Choose a design pattern. When hanging wood picket fence panels, you have two basic options for hanging design. If the ground is level, the project is relatively simple, but in rough terrain, you can choose to hang your panels in a stepwise manner or straight. If you choose to keep the panels straight to the top, you will either have to cut the panels at the bottom so they are all the same height, or hang them at the same distance above the ground and fill the bottom space with a grid or some other decorative outdoor materials.

Installing wood picket fence panels. If you want to connect the panels on the posts, use a handheld battery power screwdriver to secure each side, leaving space so that you can connect the next panel. If the panel is too long, cut off all unnecessary length. If it is too short, you can add treated 2-by-4 inch boards to post the page until wooden fence panel has the right proportion to fit.

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