Installation of PVC Picket Fence

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PVC picket fence – come in various styles ranging from the fence to the privacy fence and semi-privacy fence. While some fence panels are purchased pre-assembled or prefabricated, others can only be purchased in pieces, you must assemble yourself. Start with the lower rail mounting tongue in groove fence.

For fencing, shooting pickets in the rail, a picket at a time, until the bottom bar is full. Tilt the section against a wall as you add pickets in place, the sections upright as you shoot them in. From the top rail, start at one end of the section and slide on the tops pickets.  For PVC picket fence requires mounting screws, start with the bottom rail and start sliding pickets in place, just push the top rail. Use a screwdriver or a drill to drive screws through the rails and pickets.

Furthermore, PVC picket fence of installation will have the screws included with your purchase and pre-drilled holes in the fence material.  Use PVC glue to attach the lids of the fence. Each outpost will have its own small caps to seal the top of the picket.  Then, take a lid at a time and gently brush the glue around the bottom edge. Slide the lid of the picket and allow the glue to dry.

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