Install Wood Fence Rails At Backyard

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Wood Fence Rails – Construction of fences on typical terrain may seem fairly simple. But one put up on a hill or more grades require some tricks to facilitate installation. Installing the bars so that they are leveled or plumb vertical. Will give your fence the strength and appearance you want. Keeping the tops of the bars in line is a bit difficult, but manageable. Lay your fence line by tying a piece of mason wire between two wood stakes nailed to the floor, one at each corner.

Use post hole diggers to dig a post hole every 8 feet. Place an 8-foot 4-by-4 post treatment and ½ bag of concrete in each hole. Stop the first post on the far right of the wood fence rails line and add water to the hole. Mix the concrete with a piece of wood and check the post for level from front to back and side to side. Fit 3, 8-foot treated 2-by-4 horizontal rails to the post with a 3-inch treated cover. Screw per lane on the post side, using a drill. Place the top rail 4 inches below the top of the post. The middle rail 32 inches under the top rail and the lower rail 32 inches under the middle rail. Attach the three horizontal wood fence rails to the second post, using a screw of the treated cover on each lane.

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