IKEA Micke Desk for 50 Euros

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The IKEA micke desk is only 50 Euros! We talked once about how Micke is ideal for youth bedroom set, they are practical and modern furnishings. Now that begins nothing better to do with a comfortable IKEA desk for children to study school year.

IKEA micke desk is available in white, black and wood or black and white and consists of a large board that facilitates the work of study (even given as a work surface for two). It also has cable outlets and compartment at the back and two very practical drawers to store folios, pens and other desk accessories. All surfaces are treated, so can be used as splitter environments.

IKEA micke desk for office

We show this perfect desk for office or laptop at home, made moisture resistant MDF, something very good cable outlets are having the desktop, this makes equipment cords never see at a glance what which is aesthetic. The drawers are capped so they do not go. The armed desktop can be done by anyone, the illustrative instructions with which account is very understandable. Micke Series desktops are available in several colors such as white, brown, green, birch, orange. The bright colors are good for a youth room.

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