Ideal Privacy Wrought Iron Fences

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Wrought iron fences are good dividing pieces for gardens and lawns. If you have a part of fence you’re looking for ideas. There are a few things you can do to add some flair to boring black finish. Before you make any additions or changes to your fence, you should remove rust and make repairs iron structure. Then a¬†wrought iron fence makes a natural trellis for any climbing plants. Vines will fill areas between iron bars that make an ideal privacy fence. And then¬†climbing roses add color to dull black finish. Lead climbing plants to wrought iron beams with black wire to minimize visibility. And then merge climbing plants between bars in an alternating pattern to support its weight.

Then wrought iron fences provide a good surface from which to hang window planters. A simple window planter can be fashioned out of a length of gutter secure to iron fences and fill with ground with drainage holes in bottom. Plant colorful mums, gardenias or marigolds to contrast against black iron.

You can enjoy worn, rustic look of wrought iron fences that has been allow to gather some rust. This process may be hasten by means of sand paper to remove paint or lacquer. Which has been use for fencing in a few places. Hang a pair of old farm tools from fence to complete look, and also plant a raised bed along perimeter of your rustic fence garden.

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