Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights Design

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Hunter ceiling fans with lights – Ceiling fans create a problem if ceiling light was the only light in the room, so many fans come with built-in lights. Wiring a ceiling fan light is not complicated but is different wiring from unenlightened fan, for which it is a simple matter of connecting the black and white wires.


1. Turn off the power to the existing ceiling lamp in the fuse box home.

2. Remove the screws that secure the lamp to the electrical box in the ceiling. Pull the lamp down enough to access and disconnect the cables. Throw away completely so the wires hanging out of the box left. There will be a black wire, white wire cable grounding copper.

3. Attach the mounting bracket to the fan against the electrical box. Align the screw holes. Tighten the screws through the holes. The ends of the cables must still be accessible through the bracket.

4. Turn the copper ground wire from the electrical box around the screw green grounding in the holder. Put the fan unit together, without installing the blades. Hold the fan at the top of the stairs, on the electrical box.

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