How to Make Interior Sliding Barn Doors

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Interior sliding barn doors will be the good part for home which gives convenience while opening and closing for limited space. They are a method to control access and provide security to areas with large doors. The hardware can be purchased as a kit that includes the rail and end stops, and wheel trucks top of the door. The door itself will consist of a wooden frame, covered on both sides with sheets. A small window sash, fixes can be installed to provide light and visual security to see what’s on the other side of the door.

Interior sliding barn doors measure the opening. Cutting the lane size, twice the width of the opening. Determine which way the door will open. Such a broad area of ​​the opening of the door next to the door opens necessary. Door measured in the height of wheeled trolleys in addition to the track, plus the thickness of the mounting brackets at the top of the track, and using a chalk line and the level to a line through the area at that point. Use a bolt pager to find the inner frame wall along the line. A mounting position, at least every 24 inches along the area which is to mount the door. Align each bracket with a bolt or frame element, as indicated by the marks you made.

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