How to Make Dinosaur Toddler Bedding

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Dinosaur toddler bedding – Specialized beds enhance the decor of a toddler’s room. Make your own custom bed allows you to create a special room for your toddler without spending a fortune. For example, if your toddler wants dinosaur rooms use a piece of wood and paint it to create a custom bed in the shape of your favorite prehistoric creature.

Instructions to make dinosaur toddler bedding: outline the shape of a dinosaur on a piece of plywood 1.25 cm. Use a picture of a dinosaur book or the internet as a guide. Cut the card dinosaur using a jigsaw. Smooth the edges of wood with medium grit sandpaper. Brush the dust with a brush.

Paint dinosaur with colors that match the bedding used in the room. Let the paint dry overnight. Apply a second layer if necessary for complete coverage. Paint detail in dinosaur after drying the base layer, including the eyes, nose and mouth. Let the paint dry overnight. Dinosaur seals the surface with acrylic sealant spray. Allow to dry overnight.

Connect the dinosaur on the wall where you want the bed to be, using a hammer and nails. Place the nails 2.5 cm from the outer edge of the dinosaur every 30 cm for best results. Finally, to make dinosaur toddler bedding, place a frame vs. Dinosaur covering its entire length, and mount the bed.

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