How to Make a Kmart Coffee Table

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Kmart coffee table – While many types of coffee tables available in the market, they are not the only option when it comes to furnishing your couch area with a table. Suitcases makes an excellent alternative to a traditional coffee table, and they come in a variety of styles and is available from many different eras.

Embrace the exotic potential of the trunk of scouting,

Antique shops for steamer trunks that still have the old travel stickers on them. Select a suitcase that fits your decor. Although some decorating styles ranging shabby chic or country more easily embrace the look of an old trunk, you can choose a more modern style of the strain that will fit into a more contemporary decorating style of kmart coffee table.

Paint the trunk, if you want it to match your room color scheme. A whitewash type of paint will give it a more rustic look, while several coats of paint will give it some polish. For example, a few thick coats of shiny red or black paint to give it a painted look. You can use this type of trunk in an Asian-inspired kmart coffee table. Place a blanket on the floor underneath to prevent scratching. This is important if you have wooden floors. Some of the old suitcases have brass fittings that can scratch wood because they are worn with age.

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