How To Install Popular Pvc Privacy Fence

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Pvc Privacy Fence – Professional grade vinyl fence is designing to be installing with “hollow” posts, rather post centers for each manufacturer are different. But they are all measuring the same way. As you will see, making an accurate measurement when you’re erecting fences is extremely important. Because a high-quality pvc privacy fence is generally comprised of routed fence posts and section rails that extend beyond the picket “field,” measure the picket area and add the width of one fence post. This will give you the center-to-center measurement. Centers measurement for vinyl a picket fence is bases on the individual manufacturer specifications. First, determine whether your location requires you to get a building permit to erect a pvc privacy fence by contacting your municipality’s planning and zoning department.

After you complete all of the necessary paper works, setups strings line in the desired locations. Before digging, locate all underground utilities. You should locate your posts where the entire footing of the installed pvc privacy fence will be on the property. If your plans to dig your entire hole first to save money on equipment rental charges. Using nails to marks the center of the holes for accuracy. After you have located all the fence post holes by measuring from nail to nail. Go back to where the first fence post will be set. The fences installing in this tutorial had fences post center of 95 1/2″.

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